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Atlanta Asphalt Repair Project

When your asphalt parking lot is cracked, looking worn, or the parking lines are faded, it can cause serious hazards for drivers. That’s when a local asphalt repair company comes in. In and around Atlanta GA, Wildcat Striping Sealing and Paving is the go-to paving company in Atlanta for asphalt repairs because of our years of local paving experience and our dedication to the property owners we serve. 

At Wildcat Striping and Paving, we’ve built relationships with local businesses and schools so that they trust us with their pavement maintenance. A local college in Atlanta GA became one of our long-time paving customers because they loved our work, and they recently called us to help restore some of their parking lots. After a thorough pavement inspection, detailed estimates, and a discussion with the college facility manager, we were able to mobilize to fix the school’s asphalt parking lots.

At first, we went out to two parking lots to remove and replace asphalt in a lot of different areas, making sure the new surface was smooth and graded. These lots were then sealed over with two coats of sealcoating to lock in repairs and protect the surface. Once they saw how great these parking lots looked, they added more work on another parking area. We also sealed this lot, as well as repainted all parking stripes.

Our college customer said they knew that our paving contractors had “the experience to come in and get the job done right and on time.” You can get this kind of service on your asphalt parking lot too! Contact Wildcat Striping Sealing and Paving today!

Traffic Paint and Roadway Asphalt Repair in Atlanta GA Area

Roadway paving services need to be performed by and experienced and dedicated asphalt paving company because roads are so important for the safety of local citizens. In the Atlanta GA area, Wildcat Striping Sealing and Paving is the commercial paving contractor trusted by local municipalities and property managers to improve and repair asphalt roadways.

We recently helped out a local small town with their roads, which didn’t have great traffic flow because the traffic lines were faded and hard to see. The town of Hapeville GA (just south of Atlanta has been a long time customer of ours, so they knew that our experience in asphalt paving and line striping on both parking lots and roadways was perfect for their road improvement project. 

We got our pavement inspector out to Hapeville GA right away to look at their roads to make sure that restriping was the only roadway paving service they needed and to coordinate with local authorities to find the best time to come out and do the work. Once we’d done that, we mobilized our most experienced paving crew to do the work. Using state of the art line striping equipment and high quality traffic paint, we refreshed almost 3 thousand linear feet of traffic stripes on several streets, as well as painting directional arrows and other traffic symbols.

Our Hapeville client was very pleased with our work, noting how clean and fresh the lines were and how much they improved traffic flow. They were also pleased with how quickly we completed the job. For this level of professionalism and efficiency in paving services, contact Wildcat Striping Sealing and Paving today!

Crack Filling and Asphalt Repair in Atlanta GA

When it comes to asphalt repair In Atlanta GA,, Wildcat Striping Sealing and Paving is the go-to asphalt repair contractor for parking lot repair services like crack filling and sealcoating that can revitalize a worn parking lot. We recently improved an Atlanta GA parking lot with services like this, making it good as new. 

After searching for “best parking lot repair in Atlanta GA,” our new client called Wildcat Striping Sealing and Paving. We sent an estimator out to the property to look a the damage and see what we can do. This parking lot was suffering from cracks that were so bad, grass was growing out of them! The first step is always consulting with the property owner to determine what services will best help their asphalt without going out of budget.

Once we’d worked up a detailed paving estimate, the Wildcat crew got out to the property and got to work in three different mobilizations to complete everything. First we cleaned the grass from about 3700 linear feet of cracks and filled them with high-quality asphalt crackfill product. Next, we applied two different coats of sealcoating over the entire asphalt area to seal in the crack repair and create a smooth new asphalt surface that’s protected from further wear and tear. Next, we performed line striping services, painting 228 parking spaces, handicapped parking and access symbols, a crosswalk, as well as curb painting. 

The experienced paving contractors at Wildcat Striping Sealing and Paving were able to bring this worn Atlanta GA parking lot back to full function, as good as new! If you’re looking for this kind of paving service for your parking lot or any kind of commercial asphalt pavement, contact us right away!

Warehouse Line Striping and Shot Blasting Project in Forest Park, GA

Wildcat Striping, Sealing & Paving is the leading commercial striping company in the Atlanta Metro Area, which is why we recently had the opportunity to perform an interior shot blasting and line striping project for a commercial client in Forest Park GA.

The client, who is a long time customer of ours, owns a local bush shop. The floor was losing some if its coating and the paint was also deteriorating, requiring a new coat. The owner gave us a call, knowing he could count on us for the job.

We got to the site later that day as our experts were already in the area. We looked at the floor inside of the shop and decided that shot blasting would be the best avenue to take, prior to adding any new line striping.

Wildcat can do shot blasting not only on exterior surfaces but also interior, including walls, underpasses, pools, ceilings and more. Shot blasting helps to ensure that the surface is clean and ready to receive a new coat of paint with maximum adhesion.

Our crew arrived on a Tuesday and started out by abrading the existing surface to adequately clean it. We shot blasted about 600 linear feet of flooring to ensure the paint would adhere better, followed by 1 coat of yellow latex paint and 1 coat of polyurethane.

The floor looks great now and the customers said our finished job was exactly what they wanted.

Local Store Appreciates Our Timely Service

A bridal store owner called Wildcat Striping & Sealing a few weeks ago. The bridal store was needing to have asphalt patching in Marietta. The owner informed us that the parking lot near Marietta was becoming a nuisance for their customers and she wanted our crew to come out as soon as we could. The customer hadn’t worked with us before, but were glad they did, because we were on time and highly professional.

The Wildcat Striping & Sealing crew arrived at the bridal store in Marietta on Sunday as this was the day that the customer requested. The owner’s store was closed on Sunday and it was important that the work be done on this day, so her customers wouldn’t be inconvenienced due to the asphalt paving Wildcat Striping & Sealing was going to be performing. The crew went to work immediately and worked throughout the day, so the job would be done on time and on budget for the customer. At the end of the day the parking lot was patched and in good working condition again. Monday morning the customer contacted the office to let us know that the crew did an outstanding job on her parking lot. She said that she knew her customers would love the patched parking lot as it made is too much easier to get in and out of the store with ease. The customer said she was very happy she called Wildcat Striping & Sealing for quality asphalt patching in Marietta, because of the work we provided for her and her customers.

We did asphalt sealing and patching for this store near Marietta The store's parking lot needed patching and sealing - Wildcat Completed asphalt repair job for bridal shop near marietta

Longtime Customer Calls us for Paving Repairs

Wildcat Striping & Sealing was contacted by a longtime customer in Alpharetta. The customer has a very large driveway that was needing repaving done after the customer’s endured several months of living with a very rough, and cracked driveway. They called us for the best paving in Alpharetta and the surrounding area. We set up a day that was good for the customer and our crew showed up on time and ready to make this driveway smooth and attractive again, which we did.

A paving job for a driveway near alpharetta - Wildcat StripingWildcat did this paving contractor job by alpharetta

The Wildcat Striping & Sealing crew arrived and started cleaning the large driveway thoroughly to remove any chemicals and dirt from the driveway. The crew then sealed the cracks, then the crew repaved the driveway. The crew was able to have this large driveway done within one day, which was pleasing for the homeowners. The homeowners told us how great it was to have a smooth surface to drive on once we were finished. They continued to say that they could always depend on Wildcat Striping & Sealing for quality paving in Alpharetta. The couple said that they had other companies stop by their home wanting to provide asphalt services to them and they always tell these companies that they already have a dependable asphalt paving company that they will stick with, because Wildcat Striping & Sealing provides highly trained employees that use the best products and always provide the highest quality of paving and asphalt services that their customers could rely upon.

Parking Lot asphalt repair by wildcat