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Douglasville Hole Patching Prevent Car Damage

In Douglasville, our customer called about patching a hole, so it doesn’t ruin car tires and become a liability.  There are a few different kinds of asphalt repair methods, which depend on the severity of the hole.

The different types include:

  • pothole patching- a quick and inexpensive repair (but does not solve the underlying issue) that involves manually installing new asphalt mix to the compacting area;
  • mill patch repair- used for moderately broken areas, and involves grinding off the top layer of asphalt followed by compacting and tack coating the hole;
  • dig out repairs- which is when you remove all of the asphalt down to the base materials and install a new asphalt surface;
  • the last method is infrared thermal bond patching, which is a process by distressing an area of pavement after heating it to softness.

Patching takes less time and is recommended for smaller cracks.  After an estimate, we were able to schedule an appointment and deliver quickly.  The holes were sure to damage a car’s tires, but our crew was able to work fast and complete the job.  The hole was smooth and looked great when we were done!

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Douglasville hole patch

Athens Pot Hole Repair

How Do Pot Holes Form?

With the cold winter we have had this year, it comes as no surprise that there is an increase in the amount of potholes on various streets and roadways. Pot holes are caused by the expansion and contraction of water after it has entered the ground beneath the pavement. When the weather rapidly increases from cold to warm, or warm to cold, the pavement will expand and contract. Pot holes can be damaging to your vehicle if not driven over carefully and slowly.

Pot Hole Patching Athens, GA

In Athens, we were able to patch up a dangerous pot hole for our client. They were happy with how prompt we were in wanting to solve the problem, as it saved them from potential law suits. To prevent any dangers to your customers and their vehicles, give Wildcat a call today and we will repair your asphalt pot holes!

3-5 Atlantic-Station Athens


Duluth Parking Lot Repair

Parking Lot Crack Repair

It is important to maintain your parking lot area, and it is common to need maintenance working to repair cracks, potholes, and redo various striping work. The first impression your customers form is incredibly important for your success, and that starts the second they pull into your parking lot

Duluth Parking Lot Striping

In Duluth, we worked to repair an area in a parking lot that was damaged. We patched the area and filled in the cracks. We also worked to create more spaces for parking stalls for the customers. They were pleased with how fast we completed the job and with the fact that the parking lot looked brand new.

If you are in need of area patching for your parking lot, or need new striping work completed to appear fresh and new, give Wildcat a call today!

Asphalt Patchwork Jonesboro

Asphalt Patching Jonesboro

Overtime, your asphalt takes a toll due to extreme weather conditions, or simply because of wear and tear from use. In Jonesboro, our client was in need of patchwork to eliminate the dangers of having a large hole in their asphalt.

1-31 Merchant-Walk3

As you can see above, we were able to fix the hazardous hole in their parking lot. They were pleased with how we were so willing and able to work around their busy times and schedules, because if there is one thing we know at Wildcat, it’s that the customer’s needs come first – they are our first priority. Our client was also pleased with how amazing it looked after we cleaned up and completed the project.

If you are in need of asphalt patching repair work, call Wildcat today!

Patchwork Atlanta

Pot Hole Repair in Atlanta

9-19 Post

It is essential to repair pot holes for better road and vehicle functionality. In Atlanta, we provided patching services to our client who needed pot hole repair work. We were able to complete the job very quickly, and our client was satisfied with how well we cleaned up the area afterwards. If you are in need of pot hole patching, call Wildcat today!

Douglasville Asphalt Patching Repair

Conditions Affecting Your Asphalt Paving

There are many different conditions that can damage your asphalt paving, which affects the appearance and functionality of your parking lot and possibly the performance of your business. We specialize in perfecting your paving from asphalt patching in Marietta to paving in Douglasville and fixing these problems that are out of our control and may arise, such as weather conditions and drainage issues.

Deteriorating Asphalt Parking Lot in Douglasville

In Douglasville, we worked to correct a drainage issue by patching our client’s asphalt parking lot. This particular client had an issue with drainage causing their parking lot to deteriorate and cause problems such as breaks and potholes in the asphalt, which is not enjoyable to drive over – not only for comfort, but also for the vehicle’s functionality. Our client was pleased with how neat we were in conducting this project and happy to find that we were able to solve their water issue.



Patchwork in Woodstock

Woodstock Pothole Patching

Woodstock Patching

Our longtime customers are always contacting us for regular smaller-scale projects in order to keep their overall appearance and impression as close to perfection as possible. One of these kinds of loyal customers of ours is in Woodstock, where we worked to fix their patching issues. There was a rather large pothole that was causing issues for customers, and therefore their business. After filling the pothole, we received a great deal of praise regarding the work we did, including how neat we were in the process, and how we truly fixed the issue and the liability.


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