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Douglasville Gym Parking Lot Sealing & Striping Polish Lot

In Douglasville, Georgia, our customer contacted us to seal and stripe the gym’s parking lot. We asked them how they got in contact with us, and they said it was from a Yahoo search. We went to their property to give them an estimate for the refurbishing project. They agreed on our price and estimate completion date. We set a start date, which happened to be the following week. We re-sealed the parking lot and striped it, making it look very neat! Our customers were very happy with our work and our crew.

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Douglasville Parking Seal & Stripe Updates Lot!

In Douglasville, our customer was needing their parking lot to be sealed and
striped to freshen the look up. They came in contact with us through a Google
search and scheduled an appointment with us. Our crew got to work and were able
to complete the job within a few days! Our customer commented on how pleasant
we were to work with because of how courteous we were. He was surprised at what
a difference the lot looks like now. He loved it!

Douglasville Parking Lot


Douglasville Hole Patching Prevent Car Damage

In Douglasville, our customer called about patching a hole, so it doesn’t ruin car tires and become a liability.  There are a few different kinds of asphalt repair methods, which depend on the severity of the hole.

The different types include:

  • pothole patching- a quick and inexpensive repair (but does not solve the underlying issue) that involves manually installing new asphalt mix to the compacting area;
  • mill patch repair- used for moderately broken areas, and involves grinding off the top layer of asphalt followed by compacting and tack coating the hole;
  • dig out repairs- which is when you remove all of the asphalt down to the base materials and install a new asphalt surface;
  • the last method is infrared thermal bond patching, which is a process by distressing an area of pavement after heating it to softness.

Patching takes less time and is recommended for smaller cracks.  After an estimate, we were able to schedule an appointment and deliver quickly.  The holes were sure to damage a car’s tires, but our crew was able to work fast and complete the job.  The hole was smooth and looked great when we were done!

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Douglasville hole patch

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