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Alpharetta Road Thermoplastic Striping Meets Deadline

In Alpharetta, Georgia, our customer called about getting their road striped with thermoplastic striping.  If you are unfamiliar with thermoplastic striping, it is different than just a painted stripe.  It is a highly reflective, long-lasting pavement marking material that resists cracking during the freeze and thaw temperature cycles.  To make the stripes reflective, glass beads are dropped into the thermoplastic material.  Our customer found us in a Google search and found our reviews to be great, so they contacted us.  The process from start to finish was very fast and met the deadline that they were hoping for, which was within just a few short days.  The final product looked great!   Check out our photos below to see our work! Click on the link for more info on the Thermoplastic striping Leaders, Wildcat Striping!

alpharetta road striped

Atlanta Thermoplastic Striping

Our client in Atlanta, Georgia, needed thermoplastic striping, or DOT striping as some call it. They found us after doing a Google search and gave us a call. A thermoplastic striping is a highly-reflective pavement marking that is resistant to cracking from freeze/thaw cycles.  For this service, we apply a primer first. The material must be in a molten state for proper bonding, and then glass beads a dropped immediately into the thermoplastic to provide reflectivity at night. We came out for the service, which our clients were pleased with because we didn’t hold up traffic for very long and did a great job with traffic control. The finished product was great according to our client! Check out the images below to see our work!

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Sandy Springs Striping

Thermoplastic Striping

Thermoplastic striping not only looks great once it has been freshly done, but it is important to your safety, whether it be in a parking lot or on the road. Your safety is put at risk when you cannot see road striping, and could lead to potential car accidents. If there are not any visible stripes in a parking lot, parking will not be efficient and may not hold as many vehicles as it could with striping.

Sandy Springs Thermoplastic Striping

Sandy Springs Road Striping

In Sandy Springs, we completed thermoplastic road striping for our client. They were happy with how professional we were in completing the process, along with the fact that we got it done in the given time frame.

Buford Striping

D.O.T. Striping in Buford

At. A.W.E., we are always happy to hear from new clients! In Buford, the D.O.T. was in need our services for proper road marking. Without proper road markings, the risk of getting in an accident on the road is elevated.  We completed the project for our new Buford client to keep everyone on the road safe! were happy with our professionalism and great staff.

12-5 Buford Post

If your area is in need of new road striping, give our friendly, reliable staff at A.W.E. a call today!

Keeping Atlanta Safe Through Thermoplastic

Safety Is the Number One Priority

At Wildcat Striping & Sealing, we pride ourselves on delivering high quality work in order to keep our clients and their customers happy, but more importantly, safe. One of our most recent clients in Atlanta was experiencing extreme issues with their road striping. So much difficulty, that it caught media attention, as the lines were so faint with no reflectors that accidents were happening so often that the county was called in.

Thermoplastic Striping: Keeping Atlanta Safe

We work to prevent such instances and accidents from occurring, which is exactly why our client contacted Wildcat to accurately complete the project. Our client was extremely happy with how efficient and quick we were able to complete the job. Everyone is happier and much safer now with visible, brand new striping.

Atlanta Thermoplastic Striping Post

Are you in need of thermoplastic striping services? Do not wait any longer to prevent accidents from occurring, give us a call today to set up an appointment!

Duluth Sealing and Striping

Duluth Sealing and Striping

Asphalt surfaces get damaged due to external factors, such as weather. This includes not only heat and cold, but also water. Our most recent customer in Duluth was having issues with their asphalt, specifically with water leaking underneath the asphalt.

9-20 Duluth Post

Our technicians sealed and striped the area in order to prevent this issue from further damaging the pavement. Our client was so satisfied with the fact that we did not interrupt the homeowners in the neighborhood. The finished product looked great, and we are just as happy as our client is!

D.O.T. Striping in Atlanta & Cumming

D.O.T. Striping in Atlanta and Cumming

At Wildcat Striping & Sealing, we work with a variety of clients that turn into long-term, loyal customers. One of our loyalties is found in the Department of Transportation. We recently worked with the D.O.T. in Atlanta and Cumming to provide new striping in areas that desperately needed it. We were both efficient and careful in the process, which is why we find ourselves completing many projects for these clients.

Atlanta D.O.T. Striping:

9-19 DOT striping Atlanta

Cumming D.O.T. Striping:

DOT Striping 9-19 Cumming

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