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Sandy Springs Thermoplastic Striping

Our client in Sandy Springs, Georgia, was needing state-regulated D.O.T. thermoplastic striping to be applied to their roads. We came out to their location and able to control the traffic effectively. When we were done, our client was pleased, and happy with knowing that the roads are safer and the D.O.T. will pass it.

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Sandy Springs Striping

Thermoplastic Striping

Thermoplastic striping not only looks great once it has been freshly done, but it is important to your safety, whether it be in a parking lot or on the road. Your safety is put at risk when you cannot see road striping, and could lead to potential car accidents. If there are not any visible stripes in a parking lot, parking will not be efficient and may not hold as many vehicles as it could with striping.

Sandy Springs Thermoplastic Striping

Sandy Springs Road Striping

In Sandy Springs, we completed thermoplastic road striping for our client. They were happy with how professional we were in completing the process, along with the fact that we got it done in the given time frame.

Sandy Springs Striping

Sandy Springs Warehouse Striping

Here is a photo taken from our latest work in Sandy Springs. We worked to stripe our client’s warehouse in order to maintain organization. Our client commented on how neat and organized we were through the entire process, and that the striping does exactly what they had planned for it to do – keep them organized!


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Customized Striping in Sandy Springs

Customized Parking Lot Striping

One of our areas of expertise at Wildcat includes striping parking lots and roads, both general and customized. We recently did a job that was more specific to our client, which is always fun for us to perform. We were referred to our client by a previous client of ours who had some striping work done by us in the past.

Police Department Sandy Springs

This particular client was a Police Department in Sandy Springs that was looking to customize various parking stalls to each employee’s title. Once the project was finished, they raved about how quickly we were able to complete the process and how good it looked. If you are interested in any customized striping work for you and your business, contact us at Wildcat Striping, Sealing and Paving today!

Sandy Springs 9-13 post

Curb Construction Referral Sandy Springs

Loyal Customer Base

At Wildcat Striping & Sealing, we are proud to say that we have extremely loyal customers who continue to contact us when they have paving needs, and also refer others they come into contact with to also use our exceptional services.

Sandy Springs Curb Construction

We recently completed work in Sandy Springs for a client that was referred to us by one of our previous, loyal customers. Curb Construction Sandy Springs

Our clients are incredibly blown away by our first impression we make, as we truly want what is best for our customers and work to do everything we can for them. This particular client of ours needed curb construction on their property. They were incredibly surprised and happy with how fast we were able to get out to their site and complete the work.

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