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Wheel Stops Installed in Atlanta for Damage Prevention

Our customer in Atlanta, Georgia called us to install recycled rubber wheel stops in the parking lot. These help ensure vehicles stop at the proper distance to prevent them from driving into or damaging curbs, sidewalks, buildings, etc. It acts as a little cushion and protection. These are convenient because they aren’t affected by weather, making them virtually maintenance free!

Our customer said we were efficient with the installation and felt good about our work with the increased safety.

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Atlanta Wheel Stops

Handicap Spaces Striped in Cumming, GA

In Cumming, we had a new customer call us to stripe the handicap spaces in the parking lot. The previous markings were wearing away over the years and it was time to re-paint them. Like many of us these days, our customer relied on a good Google search. Our company was one of the first local companies that came up, along with outstanding reviews. We arrived on the day scheduled and began working. We finished the work the same day and our customers loved it. They said the new striping was much more visible, and that the lines were clean and even. You can see our finished work in the photo below!

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Cumming Handicap Striping

Thermoplastic Striping Atlanta

Thermoplastic Striping is Important for Safety

When striping lines of the roads fade, drivers have a lack of guidance on where they need to be driving to remain safe. This becomes even more dangerous when weather conditions further prevent drivers from seeing the roads, such as heavy rainfalls, bright sunlight, or snow.

3-12 Felder-Road-2

Restriping Atlanta

In Atlanta, our client needed our services in restriping their roads, because their old thermoplastic striping had faded. They were amazed at how great our traffic control was and how fast we were able to complete the job.

Bollard Installation Atlanta

Bollards Installation for Safety

Installing bollards in your parking lot area provide safety to your customers, as people tend to be less cautious when they are entering and exiting the parking lot area. Bollards keep your parking area and customers safe from any damage.

Atlanta Bollards and Thermoplastic Striping

In Atlanta, our client was in need of our bollard installation and thermoplastic striping services for their ticket booth. We added arrows to help direct traffic, as well as bollards to protect the ticket booth structure. Our client claimed that we were very professional and could git the job done without much interruption.

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