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Atlanta Bollards Protect Bank’s ATM Machines

Our banking client in Atlanta had called us one day to give them an estimate on some bollards. They recently moved to the area and still needed some extra finishes before they could open the building. They still needed to install bollards outside of the bank. A bollard is a short post or column installed to protect something, which in this case is the bank’s ATM machines. You might find a bollard outside of a gas station, or to mark off where parking restrictions are.  We were quick to respond to them and were hired soon after giving them an estimate. We arrived on-time, and promptly began the process. We mixed the concrete, poured it into a form and shoveled it into the hole we dug to let it cure. We asked our customers how they found out about us and they said from a Yahoo search. Our customers loved what we did and were pleased with our work!

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Atlanta Bollards

Savannah Bollards Revamped On a Budget

Out at Savannah, Georgia, we had a customer that was needing the bollards painted in their parking lot. They had done some price shopping because they were on a tight budget. Our prices could not be beat for the quality of work we were able to give. Our customer thought our staff was extremely courteous and that our work had really added eye appeal to the look of the parking lot with a minimal cost. We were able to make the concrete look fresh again, like it should.

Call our office today and one of our experienced and friendly experts will come out to your property to discuss how we can extend the life of your surface and give you the function and design that works for you!

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Bollard Installation Atlanta

Bollards Installation for Safety

Installing bollards in your parking lot area provide safety to your customers, as people tend to be less cautious when they are entering and exiting the parking lot area. Bollards keep your parking area and customers safe from any damage.

Atlanta Bollards and Thermoplastic Striping

In Atlanta, our client was in need of our bollard installation and thermoplastic striping services for their ticket booth. We added arrows to help direct traffic, as well as bollards to protect the ticket booth structure. Our client claimed that we were very professional and could git the job done without much interruption.

If you need help with your traffic direction and parking lot organization, call Wildcat today.

Tucker Parking Lot Safety

Tucker Parking Lot Safety

In Tucker, we worked with our friends at RaceTrac to install a bollard and a handicap parking sign to ensure the safety of their customers, employees, and to maintain proper parking within the stalls. It is important that various signs in your parking lot are visible to your customers, as you do not want to have a mistake occur where a non-handicapped person is parking in a handicap parking stall.

At Wildcat, we provide many different types of signs based on your needs, including both parking lot and street signs. Give us a call today and we will deliver your business needs!

Asphalt Patching Douglasville

Making your Parking Lot Safer

At Wildcat, we specialize in various parking lot services in order to keep your business fully functioning and to ensure the safety of your customers.

Douglasville Parking Lot Bollard Installation

In Douglasville, we worked to provide our client with the proper safety measures for their customers while using the parking lot. We installed bollards in order to make sure that everyone using the lot was parking properly and being careful yet efficient about parking.

Our client was very happy with how quickly we completed the project in relation to our high quality and skilled craftsmanship. If you are looking to improve your parking lot, give us a call today to discuss your needs in further detail.

Union City Bollards Installation

Union City Bollards Installation

In Union City, we installed bollards for the Police station in order to avoid people knocking down signs and keeping the facility safe. They were very impressed with the process and pleased that it directly solved their issue.

Police-Bollards Aug 8

Many Union City residents may not know all of the services Wildcat provides, so when you see our trucks driving around like this customer did, make sure to give us a call!

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