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Savannah Bollards Revamped On a Budget

Out at Savannah, Georgia, we had a customer that was needing the bollards painted in their parking lot. They had done some price shopping because they were on a tight budget. Our prices could not be beat for the quality of work we were able to give. Our customer thought our staff was extremely courteous and that our work had really added eye appeal to the look of the parking lot with a minimal cost. We were able to make the concrete look fresh again, like it should.

Call our office today and one of our experienced and friendly experts will come out to your property to discuss how we can extend the life of your surface and give you the function and design that works for you!

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Sealing and Striping Savannah

Parking Lot Patching, Sealing, Striping in Savannah

One of our long time clients of Wildcat needed our services when it came to their parking lot, and we were more than happy to solve their problems! In Savannah, we performed various patching, sealing, and striping services to improve our client’s parking lot. We were able to fix pot holes that could have potentially ruined or damaged various vehicles. They were very happy with the outcome, as the job went very smoothly and we made the parking lot look phenomenal!

8-26 Savanna

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