Traffic Paint and Roadway Asphalt Repair in Atlanta GA Area

Traffic Paint and Roadway Asphalt Repair in Atlanta GA Area

Roadway paving services need to be performed by and experienced and dedicated asphalt paving company because roads are so important for the safety of local citizens. In the Atlanta GA area, Wildcat Striping Sealing and Paving is the commercial paving contractor trusted by local municipalities and property managers to improve and repair asphalt roadways.

We recently helped out a local small town with their roads, which didn’t have great traffic flow because the traffic lines were faded and hard to see. The town of Hapeville GA (just south of Atlanta has been a long time customer of ours, so they knew that our experience in asphalt paving and line striping on both parking lots and roadways was perfect for their road improvement project. 

We got our pavement inspector out to Hapeville GA right away to look at their roads to make sure that restriping was the only roadway paving service they needed and to coordinate with local authorities to find the best time to come out and do the work. Once we’d done that, we mobilized our most experienced paving crew to do the work. Using state of the art line striping equipment and high quality traffic paint, we refreshed almost 3 thousand linear feet of traffic stripes on several streets, as well as painting directional arrows and other traffic symbols.

Our Hapeville client was very pleased with our work, noting how clean and fresh the lines were and how much they improved traffic flow. They were also pleased with how quickly we completed the job. For this level of professionalism and efficiency in paving services, contact Wildcat Striping Sealing and Paving today!

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