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How Many Handicapped Spaces Do I need in a Parking Lot?

How Many Handicapped Spaces Do I Need In a Parking Lot

Handicapped spaces are required for each parking lot in the United States, but how do you know how many handicapped spaces you must have for your parking lot? The number of handicapped spaces are determined on the parking spaces in the parking lot. There must be at least one parking space that is van-accessible.

Here is an example of how many handicapped spaces are needed in a parking lot:

Total parking spaces of up to 25 requires at least one handicapped space. From 26-50 parking spaces, two handicapped spaces are required. From 51 – 75 parking spaces, three handicapped spaces are required.
Every 25 spaces that are added in a parking lot, another handicapped space should be added. If your parking lot has 500 – 1,000 parking spaces, then two percent of the spaces should be allowed for handicapped spaces. 1,000 or more parking spaces in a parking lot require 20 handicapped spaces, and the owner must add one for each additional 100 parking spaces.

The handicapped parking spaces must be located on the closest and shortest route from the parking lot to the entrance of the building entrance. If there is not one building entrance, then the handicapped spaces should be located closest to the pedestrian entrance. If your building has multiple entrances, the handicapped spaces should be equal to the entrances to the building. If the parking is in a structure, then the handicapped spaces should be located on one level.

This goes for all parking lots in the United States. Every business owner has to comply with these requirements for handicapped spaces on their parking lot. The handicapped spaces should have clear signs that show where the parking is available for handicapped riders. Anyone that parks in the handicapped spaces must possess a handicapped permit or sticker. Many states are issuing tickets up to $500 to people who park in the handicapped spaces without the proper identification. These parking spots are designated for handicapped individuals and should never be used by anyone but those who need it.

For the requirements on the handicapped parking spaces you can visit the ADA Standards for Accessible Designs and ANSI. The requirements are available for all parking lots and businesses. These handicapped spaces are required by law.

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