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How Many Handicapped Spaces Do I need in a Parking Lot?

How Many Handicapped Spaces Do I Need In a Parking Lot

Handicapped spaces are required for each parking lot in the United States, but how do you know how many handicapped spaces you must have for your parking lot? The number of handicapped spaces are determined on the parking spaces in the parking lot. There must be at least one parking space that is van-accessible.

Here is an example of how many handicapped spaces are needed in a parking lot:

Total parking spaces of up to 25 requires at least one handicapped space. From 26-50 parking spaces, two handicapped spaces are required. From 51 – 75 parking spaces, three handicapped spaces are required.
Every 25 spaces that are added in a parking lot, another handicapped space should be added. If your parking lot has 500 – 1,000 parking spaces, then two percent of the spaces should be allowed for handicapped spaces. 1,000 or more parking spaces in a parking lot require 20 handicapped spaces, and the owner must add one for each additional 100 parking spaces.

The handicapped parking spaces must be located on the closest and shortest route from the parking lot to the entrance of the building entrance. If there is not one building entrance, then the handicapped spaces should be located closest to the pedestrian entrance. If your building has multiple entrances, the handicapped spaces should be equal to the entrances to the building. If the parking is in a structure, then the handicapped spaces should be located on one level.

This goes for all parking lots in the United States. Every business owner has to comply with these requirements for handicapped spaces on their parking lot. The handicapped spaces should have clear signs that show where the parking is available for handicapped riders. Anyone that parks in the handicapped spaces must possess a handicapped permit or sticker. Many states are issuing tickets up to $500 to people who park in the handicapped spaces without the proper identification. These parking spots are designated for handicapped individuals and should never be used by anyone but those who need it.

For the requirements on the handicapped parking spaces you can visit the ADA Standards for Accessible Designs and ANSI. The requirements are available for all parking lots and businesses. These handicapped spaces are required by law.

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What Signage is Required in a Parking Lot?

We all park in a parking lot at least once each week. We use parking lots for work, hospitals, carpooling, shopping, and so many other places. Who would have thought that parking lots have signage requirements? Every parking lot in the United States has a requirement, but what are they?

All signs are required to have line-spacing between two different messages, as this will show an end to one message. The text should not run to the edge of the sign. There needs to always be a space and margin on the sign. If there is more than one line of message on the sign, then the most important message should be the top first line.

The text on the sign should never be smaller than three inches in capital letters. This is so that a moving vehicle can read the sign with ease. If the text is to be read by pedestrians, then it should be at least one and a half inches in capital lettering height. The text on the sign should be familiar to see and understand. Using the same lettering that is on the highway signs is recommended. The sign messages should be at least 24 inches above grade, the perfect size for reading. You can select any background color, but one that matches the building or business is recommended.

What Signage Is Required In A Parking Lot

Having handicap parking is mandatory for all parking lots. The handicap parking must be close to the building or business and accessible with ease. The sign should be in front of the parking and where it is easy to see. The parking space should be at least 60 inches wide, which allows enough space to allow a wheelchair to enter or exit the car with ease.

There are many different signs that can be used on parking lots. The signs can be any color, except for the handicap or speed limit sign. These are the same for all parking lots. They are well recognized and can be seen with ease.

If you are wanting to add signage to your parking lots and confused on where and what kind to use, then you can contact your local government office for any questions. The local office will be able to give you the information needed on signage for your property.

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Macon Parking Lot Striping

Wildcat and Parking Lot Striping

At Wildcat, we receive inquiries from many customers that are in the early stages of opening up for business. Every business needs a parking lot, whether that be for their employees, customers, or both. Within the structure of a parking lot, there also needs to be striping work completed. This includes striping work for handicap parking spaces.

10-23 Macon Post

Macon Handicap Space Striping

In Macon, our client saw our advertising and gave us a call to complete their striping for handicap parking spaces. They were amazed with how quick we were to deliver exactly what they wanted and needed. Give Wildcat a call today and we will take care of your striping needs!

Tucker Parking Lot Safety

Tucker Parking Lot Safety

In Tucker, we worked with our friends at RaceTrac to install a bollard and a handicap parking sign to ensure the safety of their customers, employees, and to maintain proper parking within the stalls. It is important that various signs in your parking lot are visible to your customers, as you do not want to have a mistake occur where a non-handicapped person is parking in a handicap parking stall.

At Wildcat, we provide many different types of signs based on your needs, including both parking lot and street signs. Give us a call today and we will deliver your business needs!

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